Boron Molecular
2650-110 Discovery Drive
Raleigh, NC 27616
United States
Phone: 919-981-4441
Fax: 919-981-4442
Sales Contact: Ken Sullivan, Sales and Marketing Manager
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Booth: 1517
Established in 2001, Boron Molecular is a leading chemical manufacturer specializing in boronic acids, suzuki couplings, heterocyclic compounds, RAFT reagents, halides and other building blocks for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, electronic chemical, polymer, coatings and specialty materials industries.

Product Categories:
  · Additives
  · Adhesives Applications
  · Agrochemical Applications
  · Battery & Fuel Cell Development
  · Bulk Chemicals
  · Chemical Reactions
  · Chemical Synthesis
  · Chemicals
  · Combinatorial Chemistry Applications
  · Contract Manufacturing
  · Custom Manufacturing
  · Custom Synthesis Services
  · Fine Chemicals
  · Intermediates
  · Manufacturing & Production Services
  · Medicinal & Combinatorial Chemistry
  · Organic Chemistry
  · Organic Compounds
  · Organometalics
  · Pharmaceutical Intermediates & Building Blocks
  · Pharmaceutical Materials
  · Specialty Polymers

Downloadable Brochures:
  · Commercially Available RAFT agents from Boron Molecular

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