ThalesNano Nanotechnology Inc.
7. Zahony u
Budapest H-1031
Phone: 00 36 1 8808 500
Fax: 00 36 1 8808 501
Sales Contact: David Gunn, Head of Sales and Operations North America
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Booth: 1126
ThalesNano is dedicated to making dangerous and difficult chemistry safe and easy to perform while assisting advances in the scientific field of chemistry. The company is widely recognized for its expertise in transforming chemical processes to microscale continuous-flow operations and developing manual or robotic continuous microreactors for the chemical industry.

Product Categories:
  · Contract Laboratory Services
  · Custom Apparatus Manufacturing & Repairs
  · Heating Equipment, Baths
  · High-pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Instruments & Accessories
  · Lab Automation & Robotics
  · Research-Based Corporation
  · Scale-up Synthesis
  · Student Laboratory Tools & Systems

Downloadable Brochures:
  · H-Cube Mini Brochure
  · H-Cube Pro Brochure
  · Phoenix Flow Reactor Brochure
  · Gas Module Product Brochure
  · IceCube Product Brochure
  · Ozone Module Product Brochure

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