11509 Commonwealth Dr., Suite #2
Louisville, KY 40299
United States
Phone: (502) 619-5156
Fax: (502) 515-8170
Sales Contact: Mehdi Yazdanpanah, CEO
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Booth: 1217
NaugaNeedles ( manufactures specialized atomic force microscopy (AFM) probes. NaugaNeedles will demonstrate several new AFM probe product lines including (a) High aspect ratio conductive AFM probes, (b) Simple geometry probes for quantitative force measurements, (c) Conductive AFM under liquid, (d) AFM based scanning electrochemical microscopy (AFM-SECM) probes, (e) Tuning fork based AFM probes for atomic resolution imaging, and many more. These advanced probes are made by growing metallic nanoneedles onto standard AFM probes or tuning forks. Please visit our booth (1217) and enter your name to win a pack of NaugaNeedles specialized AFM probes with your desire specifications.

Product Categories:
  · Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) & Accessories

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